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roots of genius". 38 39 Studies attempting to related sibling differences in IQ to differences in brain volume are hampered by relatively small sample sizes and the noisy nature of such difference scores, yielding weak evidence for cross-trait cross-sib correlations. The relationship between brain size and intelligence is frequently a topic of research.

Weisberg, Michael (May 2014). WikiProject Biology may be able to help recruit an expert. "The Expensive Tissue Hypothesis: The Brain and the Digestive System in Human and Primate Evolution" (PDF). Complete Purchase *All purchases final. Philippe; Rushton, Elizabeth. Roth and Dicke, for example, have argued that factors other than size are more highly correlated with intelligence, such as the number of cortical neurons and the speed of their connections. 17 Young girls have, on average, larger hippocampi, whereas young boys have larger amygdalas. "Genetic influences on human brain structure: A review sex met oudere vrouw of brain imaging studies in twins". For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled.